Coalition on
human trafficking

In 2014, we Notre Dame Sisters recognized human trafficking becoming an epidemic. We teamed up with the Servants of Mary and the Sisters of Mercy to begin the Coalition on Human Trafficking. In 2019 the Coalition on Human Trafficking officially became its own nonprofit. This is the ultimate goal for all of our ministries – that they eventually stand on their own.

What We Do

We collaborate with area organizations through the Coalition, working to increase awareness and provide education and training. The Coalition has trained more than 1,000 hotel/motel workers in the Omaha Metro on how to identify and respond to this crime.

Since becoming its own nonprofit, the Coalition has since trained employees in 35 additional hotels and motels in a 50-mile radius of Omaha for a total of over 150 hospitality organizations that have gone through our (English and Spanish) training program. Other countries are also asking for our training materials.


You Can Help

After our training, you will train staff at hotels and motels around your community about the signs of human trafficking and how to respond appropriately. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer trainer, please complete the form at