Celebrate Kindness Day with us!

Today is the International Day of Kindness, and we can all participate! Notre Dame Sisters continue their prayer and individual ministries to put kindness out into the world. 

Sr Marie Alice Ostry, ND, has decided to begin putting daily positive messages on her social media:

How can you participate and do good and feel good?

We recommend supporting us or another local nonprofit right now! We Sisters are seeking items from our Amazon Wish List this year, and you can pop over right now and purchase something for a Sister.

See our Amazon Wish List here

Here are some suggestions from Share Omaha for how to do good today, throughout the giving season, or any time:

  • Telling your family, friends, school, coworkers and neighbors about #GivingTuesday402
  • Sharing social media posts from your favorite nonprofit organizations 
  • Donating blood 
  • Shoveling a neighbor’s driveway 
  • Adding books to a Little Free Library 
  • Saying thanks to first responders 
  • Hosting a neighborhood drive to gather items for your favorite cause 
  • Organizing a trash pick up 
  • Buying someone’s coffee or lunch 
  • Leaving a kind note for someone you appreciate 
  • Giving a nice tip to a server 
  • Sending a letter to a college student or someone away from home 
  • Teaching someone your favorite skill or hobby 
  • Leaving quarters at a laundromat 
  • Visiting with your favorite senior 
  • Leaving a $5 coffee gift card in your favorite book at the library 
  • Bringing a coworker their favorite treat 
  • Putting positive sticky notes on a public restroom mirror 
  • Surprising teachers with small tokens of appreciation 
  • Offering to babysit for a couple’s night out 
  • Sending surprise flowers, for no reason 
  • Running an errand for a friend 
  • Delivering sweets to a hard-working nonprofit organization 
  • Sending a care package to a soldier 
  • Telling a boss about an outstanding  employee 
  • Giving a small gift to your mail carrier or bus driver 
  • Surprising your office maintenance staff with a coffee gift card 
  • Singing Holiday songs at a nursing home