Check out our Sisters’ cheer pages!

See which Sisters are raising funds for what! Sisters made cheer pages for the Archdiocese Joy of Giving Day May 19!

Sr. Joy Connealy

I am raising funds for the Notre Dame Sisters in order to provide upkeep of the grounds of this historical property. Just as Father Flanagan saw the potential in this land; just as Mother Qualberta improved the land and welcomed students; just as modern Notre Dame Sisters added onto the school to welcome senior citizens, we are now preparing for the next several decades of caring for this property. We are getting the entire retaining wall replaced on the West side of our property, a $100,000 project!

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Sr. Marie Alice Ostry

We believe that it is important to continue spiritual support to the women as they branch out on their own in the Safe Homes program. That’s where I come in! I provide grocery vouchers during our “Keeping On” portion of the Safe Homes program. “Keeping On” gives the woman a support system to lean on and connects them with information on community resources that are available.

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Sr. Mary Kay Meagher

We Sisters have many personal ministries that we constantly work at. Among my social justice ministries, I am proud of my work with Ixim: Spirit of Solidarity, an archdiocesan ministry cultivating relationships of friendship, faith, and solidarity between the Archdiocese of Omaha and the Diocese of Huehuetenango, Guatemala.

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Sr. Celeste Wobeter is raising money for Notre Dame Housing, the largest of the Sisters’ ministries.
“As a graduate of Notre Dame Academy, I remember walking these same halls, bustling with student chatter and full of energy. As a Sister, I developed a new relationship with the space as our Motherhouse. Now, I call it home. In fact, I get to live in what used to be my high school Geometry classroom!”
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Sr. Margaret Hickey is raising money in hopes of adding to the very robust programming at Notre Dame Housing, and wants to highlight the food pantry:
“We expect more participants to utilize this food pantry even after COVID-19 has passed. In 2020 we built a new Enrichment Center on-site to accommodate more people and store more food.”
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What is the Omaha Archdiocese Joy of Giving Day?

The Archdiocese of Omaha is delighted to announce the launch of Joy of Giving, a 24-hour day of giving set to benefit organizations of the Archdiocese. Joy of Giving directly speaks to and celebrates the archdiocese’s vision of “One Church” by providing a new opportunity to unify and amplify the significance of our Catholic community and its impact across 23 counties.

The intention of Joy of Giving is to unite us all in support of the organizations that have always given to us. Called to receive God’s gifts gratefully, we share them, lovingly, in service to one another. Through our joyful and faith-filled response, we can unite to impact and inspire countless lives through the great work of our many Catholic entities.