Join us for Expand Your Horizons

Allow us to guide you through your feelings of grief caused by destruction and death, to invite you to compassion, and to guide you to choose life and hope. Join us for a compelling reflection and prayer with local advocates on issues of abortion, the death penalty, the pandemic, natural disasters, and refugee resettlement.  We thought the topic of life and its challenges, especially after what the nation faced in 2020, was a perfect way to discuss and commemorate life.


• Sr Stephanie Matcha, ND – advocate on Abortion and Death Penalty issues
• Sr Marlene Bakken, ND – retired teacher in Iowa, reflects on natural disasters: Derecho and the pandemic
• Sr Celeste Wobeter, ND – hospice minister will give perspective on grieving during the pandemic
• Mr. Preston Love, Jr.– systemic racism and need for a clear vision.
• Theresa Wiggs, Notre Dame Sisters Associate and OTOC activist, with refugee youth will discuss refugee resettlement in Omaha