Remarks from the 1972 Class Rep

Thank you all for joining us today in what, to me, is still our Notre Dame Academy. My name is Sharon Beschorner, and I wanted to share some congratulatory remarks about the class of 1972.  


I was leafing through our yearbook the other day and so many great memories came flooding back to me. Wow, we did all so much stuff in one school year!  

Perhaps my best remembered memories were the green and yellow beanies, the yummy huge cinnamon rolls and oatmeal cookies, the Roadrunner mascot, the Class Floats and endless efforts to claim the spirit stick!  I don’t remember how many times we won that “stick”, but we did!  And don’t forget those sock hops – remember one time we had two bands at once…one in the Little Theater and one in the gym.   

The yearbook also featured the wonderful and so appropriate class song “Get Together”.  C’mon people now, Smile on your brother, Everybody get together, Try to love one another right now. That was great advice for us graduating in 1972 and it remains great advice today.  


Reading through the life updates in the program, there is so much love there – marriages, children, grandchildren. Many mention that they realize that God has really blessed them with a wonderful life and many have reflected on how grateful they are for their education at Notre Dame and what the Notre Dame Sisters meant to them.  

I wanted to note just a few accomplishments now. Consider it the “superlatives section” of the yearbook.  

The Most Grandkids award goes to Terri (Feser) Sautter with 16, and Nancy (Halsted) Bohenkamp was close behind with 13.   

The Farthest Home award goes to Peggy Collamer Reekie who currently lives in Tasmania, Australia. Some of our classmates have lived abroad for a few years, Patti Mangus Reed was in England for a few years and Mark Cronin Moskal was in Germany for several years, and there are probably others that I am not aware of with military ties that have also lived abroad. But that doesn’t hold a candle to Peggy’s permanent home 9,000 miles away!  

The Best Business award or Entrepreneurship at its finest is split between a few business owners: Madelaine Cohen Adler owns Cupcakes by Madelaine, and Paulette Mitzlaff Smith owns the Tea Smith.  And, of course, there is still the Notre Dame favorite – Nancy Bohenkamp’s famous Harold’s Koffee House!   

I heard from about 15 gals that there were unable to attend due to a number of reasons.  All of them wanted me to share with you their regrets and to express how much they value your friendships and the time at ND. However, Perhaps the best excuse was from Barb Norris, who owns a dozen horses. She is barrel racing this weekend! And at our age! I don’t what award that would be – Most horses? Most adventurous? Either way, we wish her luck.  


For those of you who did not send in a life update, I look forward to hearing more about your accomplishments. I am always impressed by a fabulous group of women the Notre Dame alumnae have become and what a tremendous amount of good we have all created and the love we have spread over the last 50 years.    

The wonderful Notre Dame Sisters have taught us numerous lessons that have deepened our love of God, enhanced our sense of service and strengthened our love of friendships and adventures. I know we did have our share of pranks, but hopefully, not too bad…just a little ornery!  Seriously, We thank you sisters from the bottom of our hearts. You have given us so much and we are forever grateful.  

Thank you again for coming to celebrate and remember with us.