The Coalition on Human Trafficking’s Hotel-Motel Project receives $25,000 grant

The Coalition on Human Trafficking, Inc.’s Hotel-Motel Project continues to train personnel in hotels/motels to Realize that sex trafficking occurs in many such facilities; to Recognize signs of sex trafficking especially relevant to hotels/motels, and to Respond promptly and appropriately. We have now trained personnel in more than 100 hotels/motels in the Omaha Metro and Lincoln areas. Because of its success, the project is also spreading across the state and being requested beyond Nebraska.

We have great news to share! On Oct. 27, the Women’s Fund of Omaha awarded the Coalition with a $25,000 grant for the third consecutive year to continue our Hotel-Motel Project. Together we are making a difference; thank you for your prayers and financial support!

The Notre Dame Sisters are among the founding groups of the Coalition and continue to foster its growth as the Coalition has reorganized to an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Through this transition period, the Notre Dame Sisters, who have a position on the Coalition’s board of directors, are generously serving as a fiduciary for the Coalition and its funds at no cost.​