What is Safe Homes, from the Notre Dame Sisters

Safe Homes, a program sponsored by the Notre Dame Sisters, financially supports survivors of domestic violence to establish a home of their own after participating in a recovery program.  Research indicates that the greatest challenge for these women is to have adequate finances for the first month’s rent deposit and/or rent or utilities.  This is where Safe Homes steps in.  Safe Homes also provides optional ongoing support for a year through the “Keeping on Program” whereby one of the Sisters offers encouragement and information on resources that would be helpful to her in this transition.

Through September 2021, the Women’s Center for Advancement has answered more than 8,200 calls on its 24-hour hotline for domestic violence and sexual assault.  This is nearly a 40% increase compared with the same time last year.  Advocates attribute this increase in part to the isolation involved during the coronavirus pandemic.

You can make a difference to a woman and her children through supporting the Safe Homes Program.  Your financial support can enable one more woman to live safely and independently rather than needing to go back to her abuser to avoid homelessness.

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