25 years of Notre Dame Housing – a reflection from Sr. Joy Connealy

1996 Ribbon Cutting for Notre Dame Housing

2022 marks the 25th anniversary of Notre Dame Housing. We look forward to sharing many reflections and memories of this incredible ministry, founded and now sponsored by the Notre Dame Sisters.

My farm background gives me an appreciation for the small seed that gets planted in the dark soil and with nourishment grows into a life-giving plant.  Watching Notre Dame Housing mature and grow has been a joy for all of us and has needed the nourishment of so many friends and partners.  The work of providing a safe, affordable home for seniors with services that provide for their needs as they live out their years takes a village.  The Notre Dame Sisters and Notre Dame Housing Board has been blessed with generous, visionary partners who continue to make this housing ministry a wonderful place to call home.

For more than 100 years this campus has provided welcome for those who come to find peace and the service they desire.  That legacy continues and the services provided by Notre Dame Housing to the residents and the broader community continues that vital mission.  All are welcome, all are respected and all are valued for the unique gifts they bring.  The seeds planted to long ago continue to bear fruit.

~Joy Connealy, ND