The Notre Dame Sisters educated thousands of young women throughout the Notre Dame Academy’s 48-year history, and each student enhanced the experience of the Academy for every individual who walked the halls of our great school. The Academy no longer has young women roaming its halls, strengthening their faith, preparing for exams or participating in extra-curricular activities, but it is home to dozens of wonderful residents who appreciate the history that runs through the establishment. Our legacy continues growing in the halls of Roncalli Catholic High School, the successor of the NDA and Rummel merger in 1974.

Each alumna contributed to that history, and our goal is to continue our close Notre Dame community even beyond the walls of the Academy. Many of you have moved from the Omaha area, but each of you still plays an essential role in continuing the Notre Dame Academy’s legacy today. Even if you’ve lost touch with your educators or classmates, there is still a special place for you in the Notre Dame Alumnae Association, and we look forward to hearing from you!

The Notre Dame Academy Alumnae Association currently consists of hundreds of proud alumnae who gather together annually, remain in communication with each other and the Notre Dame Sisters and continue building the Notre Dame Academy legacy in their daily lives. The Association allows you to remain as active as you choose by serving as a Class Representative, sitting on the Alumnae Association Board, joining us at the annual Reunion in June or supporting the Sisters in their ongoing ministries. Regardless of your participation level, we look forward to hearing from you and having you join us in continuing the Notre Dame Academy legacy. Please contact us today!

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