women saying prayers outside


The Associate Program of the Notre Dame Sisters provides an opportunity for persons who are not canonical members of the Notre Dame Order to enter into a formal relationship with the congregation.


We, the Associates of the Notre Dame Sisters, commit ourselves to reach out to others with unmet needs in simple and radical ways in joyful loving service.

Who are Associates

  • Lay women and men
  • Married or single
  • Individuals of any ethnicity or Christian belief
  • People who desire to live the mission of the Notre Dame Sisters

What do Associates do

  • Respond to a call from God
  • Share in the mission and goals of the Notre Dame Sisters
  • Live Gospel values
  • Follow Mary, model of faith
  • Share gifts, in joyful loving service
  • Meet unmet needs in a variety of ministries
  • Extend Hospitality
  • Foster respectful relationships

Associates commit to

  • Prayer and personal reflection
  • Faith sharing
  • On-going spiritual formation
  • Dependence on God
  • Ministry and community involvement
  • Leadership
  • Hospitality

How Associates interact with the Notre Dame Sisters

Associate members and the Notre Dame Sisters gather monthly to share in community, prayer, ministry, and support of one another.

Why we belong

“I became an Associate because I found a loving and peaceful community of people who are on the same journey toward a deeper relationship with God. I can share faith, spirituality and receive support from the Associates and Sisters through our life experiences.”
-Cathy, Associate 22 years