The Sisters

  • Sr. Marlene Bakken

    Meeting the unmet needs of the poor in Cedar Rapids, IA

  • Sr. Rosalee Burke

    Retired; Prayer ministry at Newport House

  • Sr. Joy Connealy

    Canonical treasurer, community service, and contemplative prayer

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  • Sr. Kathleen Cramer

    Community minister at Cana as cook, gardener and housekeeper; Assistant and support to Nurse Coordinator.

  • Sr. Irene Dvorak

    Retired; community and prayer ministry in Omaha, NE

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  • Sr. Josita Hanus

    Prayer and Memorial Association coordinator in Omaha, NE

  • Sr. Ernestine Havlovic

    Prayer ministry in at Newport House, Omaha, NE

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  • Sr. Margaret Hickey

    Positive presence on Roncalli and Notre Dame Housing Boards and Assembly Committee; meeting unmet needs in Community, family and Church; to be of service where I can.

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  • Sr. Mary Hlas

    Calling priests monthly, sharing sheets with all who attend Mass; 5th Steps at both ARCH Halfway House; show for Sr. Pat, in Omaha, NE

  • Sr. Cynthia Hruby

    ELL and GED adult education through Catholic Charities; some substitute teaching for OMaha Archdiocesan schools; volunteer yard/garden workf ro NDS and NDH; Advocate for several Social Justice concerns; IPL Board member, Palestinian Rights Task and NDSJ Committee.

  • Sr. Corona Humpal

    Prayer and community ministries in Omaha, NE

  • Sr. Alma Janousek

    Prayer and community ministry at Newport House, Omaha, NE

  • Sr. Janice Ludvik

    Prayer and volunteer ministry at Notre Dame and searching the broader Omaha area

  • Sr. Theresa Maly

    Attentively present to others; responss to needs whenever possible, Omaha, NE

  • Sr. Stephanie Matcha

    Volunteer ministrey 0Siena Francis House, Princess Ann Group Home, and other Metro area needs; Community srvice when needed.

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  • Sr. Mary Kay Meagher

    Provincial Councilor; Volunteer with immigration organizations, OTOC, Mothers and Others, Omaha Welcomes the Stranger, and Ixim in Omaha, NE

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  • Sr. Mary Frances Michalec

    Part-time pastoral minister at St. Ludmila Parish in Cedar Rapids, IA

  • Sr. Marie Alice Ostry

    Minister to the elderly and whoever God sends my way each day; advocate for Safe Homes Keeping On and Global Outreach

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  • Sr. Rita Ostry

    Provincial President – Notre Dame Sisters; volunteer with Mothers and Others in Omaha, NE.

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  • Sr. Patricia Posekany

    Community and prayer ministry; reaching out to NDH residents. Tey to live in joy and gratitude, in Omaha, NE

  • Sr. Veronica Jo Posekany

    Ministry to the Notre Dame Sisters, helping them maintain the best health possible

  • Sr. Margaret Proskovec

    Adjunct professor of art appreciation at University of Nebraska, Kearney; Co-facilitator for women's jail ministry in Grand Island, NE

  • Sr. Joyce Ann Rezac

    Volunteer ESL instructor and has a home school stufent, Loveland, CO

  • Sr. Anita Rolenc

    Notre Dame Archivist, sacristan, and organist in Omaha, NE.

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  • Sr. Dorothy Rolf

    Minister to Sisters and friends needing help, companionship and support to my friends who are near the end of life.

  • Sr. Carol Tlach

    Minister to the people in Walsenburg, CO, through the St. Mary Outreach program.

  • Sr. Celeste Wobeter

    Part-time Hospice Chaplain; Housing Board, Associate Board, Social Justice Committee, and Community Service.

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  • Sr. Mary Ann Zimmer

    Minister as Provincial Team Member and theological educator

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