Fathers Day Prayer for Refugees

Heavenly Father, Father of all and Creator of all, we come to you today asking you to bless all fathers here on earth — fathers caring for and loving their children. 

We remember also the fathers who fled their homeland for safety and a better life. We trust you will find them refuge and keep them protected as they protect their children. We pray you bring them safely to their new homeland.  

Open our hearts to receive them graciously and neighbors and brothers in Christ. 

We pray that all fathers care for their children as you care for them. Remembering your words, “I am with you always,” we pray for your watchful presence, guidance, and the gift of wisdom for all fathers that they one day be united with you. 

Lastly, we ask that our earthly fathers be blessed with faith, wisdom, and enduring love. 


~Sr. Joan Polak, ND 

For World Refugee Day which coincides with Father’s Day in 2021