A Mother’s Day Story of Teaching Teamwork by Example

Sr. Marie Alice’s and my mother was Marie Ostry. She was born and raised in Dwight, Nebraska, and she and my father moved to a farm near Surprise Nebraska, where we five children were raised.

Our mother taught us many good values of responsibility, perseverance, working together, sharing life as a family together. There are plenty more qualities to share about my mother but overall she made sure we were always cared for. For instance, my mother made all of our clothes growing up. Mom truly shared the farm responsibilities with Dad.  She would be out faithfully milking the cows at 5 am and 5 pm each day. Dad was either fixing things around the farm or out in the field. They worked together as a wonderful team. Keeping up the farm was their way of showing their love for us and to show our wellbeing for us. They showed us how a married couple lived together and worked together to create a loving family.

Her family truly meant the world to her. She always looked forward to all holidays and having all of her children around. She would make incredible baked good for holidays, celebrations, and just to have for neighbors and friends.

Faith was the core of our family. We were very much aware that God is the one who strengthens us, provides for us, and to whom we turn with our needs. To be a farmer’s wife, faith has to be the core of your life. If you want a risky business, go into farming!

I am eternally grateful for the faith life and the responsibility they gave me, and the love of the family that nurtured and helped me grow into who I am today.