A Thanksgiving message from our Provincial President

As we move into this month of Thanksgiving it is so important to call up our prayers and words of gratitude, especially in this time of change, confusion, uncertainty and yes, fear.

No one day is the same as yesterday. We long for some normalcy but the abnormal is becoming normal. It is so important to establish something in our day that grounds us, that enables us to find God in all that is changing, confusing and raising the stress level in us.

My grounding time is early in the morning when I enter prayer for at least an hour. Using the scriptures and readings, I hear the call for me for the day—be attentive to your neighbor, speak your truth and the Spirit will guide you, pray for those you will meet this day. Praying the Psalms reminds me of the wonder of our God who is constantly loving me, loving us, loving all people and things. God never gives up on us.

We are in another increase of COVID cases. We can’t let our guard down. When we keep ourselves safe, we achieve safety for others as well. Thanks to all those who cooperate with this action. During this month of Thanksgiving, I invite you to find your grounding time, note what is happening in your life, find the gift of God in it and embrace it with great love. Make your prayers this month prayers of great gratitude to our loving God.

The Magnificat of Mary is a wonderful Thanksgiving prayer.

Let us pray it together this month:

Our souls proclaim your greatness, O God, our spirits rejoice in You our Savior for you have looked with favor on your lowly servants. From this day forward all generations will call us blessed, for You, the Almighty have done great things for us and holy is your Name. (Luke 1: 46-55)

Happy Thanksgiving Month! I thank God for you and together let us thank and praise God each day.


Sr. Margaret Hickey, ND

Provincial President, Notre Dame Sisters