Consistent Ethic of life in the wake of more gun violence

From Notre Dame Sisters SJ Coordinator: S. Mary Kay Meagher

Seven Days, Seven Shootings, Too Many Dead.

  • Atlanta, GA — eight people
  • Stockton, CA — five people
  • Gresham, OR — four people
  • Houston, TX — five people
  • Dallas, TX — eight people
  • Philadelphia, PA — one person
  • Boulder, CO — ten people

Seven days, seven shootings, 41 people dead.

The Notre Dame Sisters of Omaha NE have taken a firm stand in our corporate and public declaration (since 1998) on Consistent Ethic of life:  all life is precious from conception to natural death.

  • Today we stand firm and publicly acclaim holding strong to the value of every life with focused attention on and support of our Asian brothers and sisters here in the US.
  • We honor their strength, courage, and resilience.
  • We condemn the killings, death threats, pain, and damages they are experiencing.
  • We are appalled at the racism seeped in these actions and call for respectful conversation and dialogue.

Likewise, we stand for safety and protection of life in everyday activities in our country:

  • We mourn with and send our prayers and support to those directly affected by the mass killings in Boulder as well as to every person in the US indirectly affected.
  • We plead for participation in promotion of safety through rigorous gun control as we move forward in a nation hungry for compassion and unity.

We cannot allow ourselves to remain numb to senseless mass killings. Pray with us for an end to gun violence in the United States and around the world. No life should end this way.