Happy New Liturgical Church Year!

Happy New Liturgical Church Year! Another new beginning for us as we walk through the scriptures to hear God’s promise of salvation for all from other viewpoints and with new experiences in our lives, especially those from this past year of 2020. I appreciate new beginnings. How about you?

New beginnings abound.

Some are difficult as we face the loss of a loved one or the loss of employment and a financial crunch, a serious illness, or the isolation and loneliness thrust upon us at times. We still haven’t been able to gather in person with loved ones. If we have, it has been with an abundance of caution.

Some beginnings have been good—the healing of a relationship strained for many years, or the return to health after an illness. Or the witness of the dedicated service of personnel caring for the sick, the scientists looking for a vaccine, a nation praying for healing.

I sometimes realize that the losses and the gains we experience, or I have experienced, can work together to bring new awarenesses of who I am as a person, bring new people into my life along with a deeper appreciation for those who constantly work for the good of all—and do it well together.

Some losses and gains have made me realize that our basic call in life is to bring about the reign of God for all by loving all, no matter who they might be.

I wish to see all as Jesus sees them and love them as Jesus does. What can I do each day to further God’s reign? More importantly, who can I be?

May we walk this Advent journey together in a quiet, sacred space, bonded in God’s love for all.

Happy Adventing!

Sr. Margaret Hickey, ND