How the Notre Dame Sisters Established The Shelter

Notre Dame Sisters Establish Shelter In early 1978, with the support of a Sisters’ Coalition of Omaha, the United Catholic Social Services and a Methodist group, the Notre Dame Sisters opened a Shelter for Victims of Family Violence at the Boys Town former convent.

The Notre Dame Sisters held a special Legislative Assembly on March 24, 1979 to decide if the community could financially help support the Shelter since some of the promised funds were not coming is as pledged. The Sisters were informed of the progress of the Shelter and the number of women aided by the services provided by the Shelter. After the financial status of the Notre Dame Community was shared, the delegates to the Assembly voted to donate $15,000 to the Shelter for two years.

Associate Kathy Schinker was the Executive Director and Sister Elaine Herold, ND was the assistant director. Many Notre Dame Sisters volunteered to work at the Shelter.

The Shelter for Victims of Family Violence continued its services in the Omaha area with Sisters Elaine Herold and Mary Ann Kress and affiliate Margaret Mostek on the staff. Sr. Barbara Marky, ND was a member of the Board of Directors. The Notre Dame Sisters continued their financial support of the Shelter. The Christian Service Fund which the Sisters established to provide aid to various families, organizations and individuals was one source of revenue for the Shelter. Sr. Elaine Herold served as director of the Shelter from 1978 until 1984. Eventually the Shelter was moved to the St. James campus.

From the Chronicle of the Notre Dame Motherhouse