Notre Dame Sisters’ statement on the Guilty verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial

The trial of police officer Derek Chauvin is over, and he has been found guilty of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in George Floyd’s death in May 2020. This decision, made by a jury, has many people worried about their loved ones who work in law enforcement. Police officers and their families worry about backlash against officers across the United States. Fear is spreading between police officers and the individuals they serve. Fear can turn to violence.

In the wake of this verdict we must first stop and pray – pray for George Floyd, his daughter, his family and his community. We pray, too, for officer Derek Chauvin and his family. We pray for the larger African American community that the time for healing will come swiftly and build a greater country for the next generation together. We pray that law enforcement officers remain protected from daily threats and that they can safely interact with people whether they are assisting them or arresting them.

Accountability for Chauvin’s actions signifies progress in the fight for justice; George Floyd’s murder prompted critically important dialogue and action across the country, including prompting the Notre Dame Sisters to educate ourselves more fully on oppression and privilege.

We urge everyone to find it in their hearts to view one another as brothers and sisters regardless if they fly a Black Lives Matter or a Blue Lives Matter flag, or both. Regardless of where we stand politically, there must be a shared humanity and willingness to improve our communities together.

There may be protests in the coming days due to this verdict. We join other religious communities and groups urging nonviolence.  We understand that many people will be expressing their right to protest in the coming days.