Qualities Of Mother Qualberta Krivanec 

mother qualbertavMarch 3, 2022 marks the 83rd anniversary of Mother Qualberta Krivanec’s death. It might be of interest to reflect on some of Mother’s outstanding qualities. We will publish another one of her qualities in a blog each week this month.


The missionary venture to America with four other Notre Dame Sisters put Mother Qualberta’s STRONG FAITH and TRUST in the Providence of God to a test. A new life in the New World was difficult because of the climate, language, culture and work in an orphanage. Furthermore, America was a great distance from Horazdovice, and there were no Czech priests to celebrate Mass or to hear confessions. With no one in whom to confide her troubles, Mother placed her confidence in God and encouraged the Sisters that there were souls to be saved. 

Her FAITH led her to trust God. While living in Cedar Rapids, lowa, Mother and Sister Ludmila planned to go to town, but missed the street car. Mother suggested that they walk fast and catch the car at the next stop because it had to make a loop. Sister Ludmila doubted they’d make it! Mother replied, “You doubting Thomas! St. Joseph will see to it!” He did! The Sisters had to wait at the next stop for the street car! 


DEVOTION TO THE SACRED HEART OF JESUS AND TO THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY was special to Mother. She often confided her personal doubts and problems to the Sacred Heart She fostered devotion among the Sisters by gathering them around the Sacred Heart statue on the First Friday of each month to pray and to sing a hymn. 

Mother often picked flowers while on a walk outdoors and brought them to the altar of Mary. She relied on the Blessed Mother because she was very aware of her own need for assistance. She encouraged the teaching Sisters to “hold Christ and His Mother as their model teachers, as they strive for patience, kindness, understanding, and the ability to see the image of God in each child.”