Reflections on COVID-19 and the ability to serve others

By Sr. Joyce Ann Rezac, ND

There has been a lot happening in my world. I’ve been with the Center for Adult Learning in Loveland, Colorado for 19 years. It closed this June, and I needed to grieve the loss.

I kept praying and asking God: “How am I to serve?”

A spark was ignited in me.

I contacted House of Neighborly Service, which has many groups who offer services to community members. There are about 14 different services offered in one building called the Life Center. They gave me a free room so that I could teach ESL (English to Speakers of other Languages). I am currently teaching two days in-person. We all wear masks. I wear a face shield and gloves when I get closer to the students. I do have some students learning remotely and participating in the class via Zoom. Because their children have online classes, they can’t come in person. That is okay because there is limited space as long as we have social distancing. We are all excited to be together. The schools will decide after the first quarter if they will meet in person or continue online.

The coronavirus has brought out the best and the worst in us. I try to choose to look for solutions – how I can be of help. There is a God who cares and can show that care through each of us. May you be filled with God’s blessings each day.