You are a light to the world, a letter from our Provincial President

Let’s imagine a light present at our conception and birth — there through the grace of God and our parents bringing us to life. At Baptism the light grew stronger when our parents and Godparents answered for us, walked with us and mentored us through our life. The light grew larger as we ourselves grew in understanding of our loving God in our lives, through our many experiences, meeting new friends, classmates, colleagues, spouses, and this community. All those people nourished us, strengthened us, and pointed out our gifts and talents so that the light within us could grow and shine forth.

Christmas is a time for reflection, so let’s give ourselves some time now to consider how we have been a light to the world during this turbulent time of 2021. I trust that you accept that you are a powerful light to others in your family, community, and for so many more.

With our acceptance of our own light, we come to greater acceptance of the light within everyone — the many gifts and talents they share with people around them. When we are tired, challenged, suffer loss, or go through some transition, the light might dim. But we are not alone. God is there and made concrete in our families, community, and neighbors. We Sisters, too, are here on your journey to be an empowering presence to keep your light shining brightly.

Your relationship with us this year has kept our spirit and light shining. We are humbled by your support of our ministries. Your partnership allows us to be the light to so many in the community in need of housing, protection, and prayer.

Imagine the strong light within each of the hundreds of people reading this letter, imagine the power of those lights together shining far and wide for the world to see. Imagine that as our light is shared with others, the entire world would be lit with God’s love, slowly and surely. That is our prayer right now for our hurting world, the displaced, the abused, and the lost. Finally, imagine that powerful Light, God’s revealing Light, shining in and for all of us for all eternity!

So, remember the words Jesus says, “You are the light of the world.” During this Christmas season, may we all renew our commitment to go forth to light our world with God’s great, bountiful Love.


Sr. Margaret Hickey, Provincial President, N.D.

P.S. As you place many lights around your living room and home for this Christmas celebration and marvel at all the lights everywhere, may you glory in God’s light within you and within others for the good of the world.