November 28, 2021 – First Sunday of Advent

By Sr. Dorothy Rolf ND

Psalm 15 vs 4-5:  

To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul.

“Your ways, O Lord make known to me; teach me your paths.
Guide me in your truth and teach me.
For you are God, my savior, and for you I wait all the day.”

May this Psalm verse be your daily prayer during the season of Advent, and inspire you to live it with Awareness.  Advent is the beginning of a new Church Year, and a call to ready ourselves for the Christmas celebration of our Savior.  We have traditions that help ready our hearts.  The most common is the Advent candle tradition which involves four candles around a wreath and a call to live more intensely the virtue suggested for that week.   A new candle is lit on each Sundays before Christmas. Each candle presents a virtue, calling us to live deeply the gift of that week.

(Adapted from A book of blessings by Maxine Shonk , OP)

Take time to reflect on the message and gift of each week.

In lighting the first candle, may you be reminded of the gift of Hope.  May the God of Hope be with you, inspiring, calling, inviting you to dream and to believe in possibilities.  What does Hope call forth from you this Advent?

May the second candle be a reminder of the God of Patience with you, especially when you are anxious, hurried, overwhelmed and tired. What does Patience call forth from you this Advent?

The third candle is a reminder of the gift of Joy. May you be aware of the God of Joy who is always present in your life, and may your heart overflow with gladness as you celebrate the nearness of Christmas. What does Joy call forth in you this Advent?

The fourth candle reminds us of the gift of God’s Love.  May you experience God’s presence in every work and thought and experience of your days.  May God’s Love for you move you to be a compassionate and loving presence.