Reflection for Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021

By Sr Margaret Proskovec ND

Who will roll back the stone from the entrance to the tomb?” [Mark 16:3]

Easter celebrates what God has done for Jesus, for the women who went to the tomb, for the frightened apostles huddled in the upper room, and for each of us.

Easter celebrates the day that God brought LIFE

from the terrible suffering and very death of Jesus.

Rising from the dark earth, rising from what sin has done, rising to bring Shalom to his disciples in their grief and fear, Jesus sought out his closest friends and brought peace and forgiveness to them, though they had abandoned him.

Today, Jesus rolls away the stones that stand between us and the Life that God offers. Just as Jesus did for each of his loved ones to assure them that he was – and would always be – with them, so he does for us.

Today, let us pray that whatever stones block the way for Jesus to rise in our lives and hearts would be rolled aside — stones like resistance to facing realities we fear, deeply rooted prejudices we may not even recognize, old hurts that restrict our freedom to see another afresh, self-doubt (or its companion, arrogance), or whatever stone is most difficult to move.  Ask the One who loves you deeply to help you name it and at least budge it a little more each day.

Risen Jesus, may your love flourish in our lives, in our world, wherever we may be.  Hallelujah!!!  Let us rejoice and be glad!

Three Marys at the Tomb William-Adolphe Bouguereau