Reflection for Palm Sunday, April 10, 2022

By Marylou Garrett, Notre Dame Associate

Palm Sunday’s readings emphasize that Jesus humbly obeyed his Father’s will no matter what the cost might be to himself. In the opening gospel he doesn’t enter Jerusalem with a chariot and stallions like the warrior king so many believed God’s Messiah would be. Instead he arrives as a man of peace, meekly riding a donkey colt. But many who cried “hosanna” then will later shout “crucify him!”

In the first letter, Isaiah’s Suffering Servant, like Jesus, is rejected and abused by the very ones God has sent him to comfort! Yet both Servants obediently persevere in their missions because they believe that God is there for them through it all, even when it appears to be otherwise.

How are we called to imitate our Savior after he is raised from the dead? St. Paul says by emptying ourselves in service to others like he did, even when it’s hard and it costs us. Who in our lives are we especially being asked to love in this way, trusting in God’s help and love for us? May our own crosses be turned into Resurrection joy along with Jesus this Easter!