Reflection for Pentecost Sunday…May 28, 2023

by Sr Margaret Hickey ND

Transformation of anyone or anything or any kind usually doesn’t happen in an instant.  Even if it does, one has to sit and reflect on “what just happened here?  Wow!  What does it mean?”

Since Ash Wednesday, through six weeks of Lent, the Holy Triduum, and Easter, and then Ascension and now Pentecost, we have been encouraged and given many opportunities to grow more deeply in relationship with Jesus the Christ.  His many words and actions, his ultimate death showed us the Way and the Reality of this Holy Journey.  Now is the time to ask ourselves, “What happened to me, to us on this long journey to Pentecost?  How deep is our relationship now with Jesus?”  Is our response, “Wow”? Were we truly transformed?

Pentecost, the coming of the Holy Spirit, tells us that Jesus has gifted us, individually and collectively to go out from ourselves to share the gifts with others so that we truly continue the presence and ministry of Jesus.  Is our relationship now much stronger to enable us to do so?

Transformation is on-going so we move forward from this day blessed with the Holy Spirit.  We go as Jesus did to make a difference by how we live and share our wonderful, God-given gifts.