Reflection for the 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time – June 27, 2021

By Sr Joan Polak ND

The gospel readings today tell of two miracles of Jesus performed for two people of great faith motivated by love.

How great is our faith? We too can touch the garment of Jesus through and in prayer. Or we can more intimately do so in the Eucharist.

How great is our love? Do we ask on the behalf of others as did the synagogue official? Or do we only remember our needs?

My favorite words from the responsorial psalm are” “you turned my mourning into dancing.” You can substitute any word for mourning: (pain, disappointment, sorrow, etc.) and ask that it would be turned into dancing (rejoicing). Even our faith and love can be turned into rejoicing.

So, let your week be filled with acts of faith, acts of love, and times of “dancing”!