Reflection for the 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time…July 16, 2023

by Theresa Homan, Notre Dame Associate

MT 13:1-23

Such a crowd came that Jesus had to get into a boat to teach them. And what did he teach? He told a story that most of them didn’t understand. Why was Jesus so popular? What made people come out to listen to the odd things that he said? Isaiah’s prophecy said that hardness of heart was the reason that the people closed their eyes so they didn’t see; and heard but didn’t understand.

If we open our eyes and ears and let Love touch our hardened hearts, and if we see the need of our neighbors and hear the cries of the poor, Love will heal us. Love will whole us. We are only healed and whole when we are one with everyone and all of creation.

The crowd came to hear and wonder at the curious stories. There was something attractive about those parables, but you had to be careful not to let them into your heart……or you might have to be in relationship with that smelly beggar, that drug addict, that murderer, that politician from the “other side.” You might have to be less wasteful and be a better steward of animals and nature. You might have to feel more, to be less comfortable, to dig your toes deeper into the earth and reach your arms wider and higher. It’s a bit scary to be the seed that lands on good soil.

Is it ok if I just peek between my fingers and keep my thumbs just loosely in my ears? Jesus, give me courage!!