Reflection for the 22nd Sunday in Ordinary time – August 28, 2022

By Sr. Dorothy Rolf, ND

This week’s reflection is a diversion from the Sunday Readings.

I invite you to use Psalm 67 for your meditation this week.  It’s a reminder of God’s love and care for each of us.  It could be your daily prayer this week. 

“God, you are gracious to us, a loving Presence within us.

You, Radiant One, shine in each of us.

O that your way would be lived throughout the earth and your abiding power embraced by all the nations.

May the people ever rejoice in You, singing songs of appreciation for all that You freely give to us.

Let the nations listen and heed; we are all called to live with integrity and justice.

For you O Blessed Counselor will guide the nations on earth as the leaders and people open their hearts and respond.

We abandon ourselves into your Heart of Love, and we need not worry, or fret.

Love’s grace abides wherever we are.  In Love let us make our home.”

(adapted from Psalm 67, Nan C. Merrill)