Reflection for the 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time – Sept 4, 2022

By Ann O’Connor, Notre Dame Associate

Central theme

Today’s readings challenge us to the true discipleship of total commitment to the will of God, putting God first in our lives.

The Readings

The readings help us think about what we truly desire. The first reading tells us we cannot understand the mind of God. The psalm declares that God is our only hope. The second reading tells us that even in the worst of situations, we can find hope in God. In the gospel, Jesus tells us we must be willing to give up all we love to follow him.

What is the greatest obstacle to your relationship with God? Who or what keeps you away from loving God with your whole heart? Hopefully, there is nothing or no one who fits this category. But if there is, hear the words of Jesus today encouraging you to be strong and calling you to put Him first before anything else in life.