September 8, 2019: Reflection for the 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

by Theresa Homan, Notre Dame Associate

The book of Wisdom tells us that the deliberations of mortals are timid and our plans unsure. How often do I get a whiff of inspiration or an insight into needed action, only to back off, if ever so slightly, from the full action due to timidity or second guessing myself.

When Love invites me to receive myself or another whom I have held in the bondage of guilt or resentment, do I set that one free or, more timidly, just offer a few more privileges?

We mortals are timid. When we count the cost it can be very frightening. The world seems to come at us with 10,000 troops to our 100. Prudence has its place, but we also need the examples of St. Joan of Arc, St. Oscar Romero and Jesus of Nazareth. We need to take the extra step to embrace ourselves and all others as dear members of our family. That step may look different for each of us. God help us to discern what that step is and give us the courage to take it.