Reflection for the 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Sept 25. 2022 – PRIESTHOOD SUNDAY

By Edward McKibbin, Notre Dame Associate

 Priesthood Sunday

Jesus reminds us again this week that each one of us is blessed with unique talents and abilities, some people are even blessed with many financial resources at their disposal. In the Gospel story Jesus is not condemning the rich man for his wealth, but rather for his unwillingness to utilize his wealth to enhance the life of Lazarus, an individual who the rich man chose to overlook. The message for us is to utilize our blessings from God in service of others.

The first reading provides another example of how serving only the needs of oneself as opposed to others will ultimately lead to our demise.

Is Christ truly present in our lives? If so, we can avoid the plight of the rich man in the Gospel because with Christ in our daily lives it is easier to recognize and serve those around us who are most in need. What is the significance of Christ dying and rising from the dead in our daily lives? Are we inspired to use the example he has provided for us to continue his work here on earth? If so, we can make a difference in the world, the world will be a better place by virtue of our existence, and we can bring others to Christ by our example so that we can all gain eternal life in Him.