Reflection for the 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Gospel: Mark 10:35-45

This Sunday’s gospel is one of those gospels that turns life upside down. Here we have two apostles seeking the “prized places” in heaven for being faithful followers. That’s probably what most people would want—some fame, glory and honor for the good they’ve done. However, when engaging in conversation with Jesus, James and John find out that power, fame and glory are certainly not a concern with Jesus. Jesus’ life is about service and sacrificing one’s life for others. That must have certainly upset and jarred their view of following Jesus.

It seems the gospel call of this week challenges us to upset some of the values strongly promoted in our society – values such as having power or control, being the best or greatest, acquiring more and more wealth or influence. One may need to take time to examine these. Questions one might ponder:

  • What is driving me in my life at this time?
  • Where is service and being a servant in my life?
  • Is my life ever upside down because I’m trying to follow Jesus’ way of relating to others?