November 11, 2018: Reflection for the 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

by Theresa Homan, Notre Dame Associate

​A widow shared with Elijah her last handful of flour and bit of oil. — All that she and her son had to live on. Another widow gave to the temple treasury two small coins. — Her whole livelihood. Christ offered his life to take away our sins.

All three of the readings for this Sunday speak of extreme self-giving. How very appropriate on this day that we also remember our veterans. — Those who have given their youth, their innocence, their limbs, their mental stability and, for some, their lives. Whether or not I believe that a war (or any war) is just, these women and men deserve tremendous respect and gratitude.

For what or to whom am I willing to give myself? There are so many situations and aspects of my life that I struggle with relinquishing to God. Giving all I have is hard, but with God all things are possible. Let us pray for that strength.