Reflection for the 4th Sunday of Lent… March 27, 2022

By Edward G McKibbin, Notre Dame Associate

I have noted this Lent that a recurring theme of repentance is present more than ever. I realize this is the case every Lent, but this message has been made ever more clear to me this year.

This Sunday’s Gospel reading is one of my favorites because it presents that image of a loving father with open arms always ready to receive us back as his child regardless of our transgressions. The key is to acknowledge our faults, repent, and turn back to God who is always there to welcome us back and love us. I think we sometimes have this image of God as a rigid judge. However, this Gospel reading reminds us that God’s love is always present, waiting for us to turn back to Him regardless of our many faults.

Further, the first and second readings remind us how things of this earth, although seemingly pleasing to us, will pass away. But God remains present in his steadfast love for us when we reconcile ourselves to him.