November 25, 2018: Reflection for the Feast of Christ the King

by Ed McKibbin, Notre Dame Associate

The Feast of Christ the King gives us an opportunity to reflect upon what Christ’s kingship means for us. It is often easy to confuse a kingship for the things Pontius Pilate relates to a kingship: money; power; influence; authority; status, etc. Like Pilate, in our own lives how often do we allow political leaders, celebrities, sports heroes to be our kings? However, Jesus as our King, unlike other kings, testified to the truth. You might recall that this statement Jesus made to Pilate confused Pilate. Pilate wanted to know what this truth that Jesus referenced was? When we allow others besides Christ to serve as our king, we, too, become confused as to what is the truth. This truth that Christ referenced to Pilate is what sets us free as Christians. We are called to spread this truth.

Christ’s kingship was reflected in how he lived his life. As Christ told us, He came to serve and not be served. As St. John reminds us in the second reading, Jesus freed us from our sins by his blood and made us part of his kingdom. This is a kingdom, as the first reading tells us, that will never be destroyed. This provides us with great comfort knowing that our King died for us, out of his love for us, to save us so that we may live with him in his Kingdom forever. In so doing, we are called to do his work here on earth in an effort to spread the influence of his kingdom. To help everyone recognize that our King brings true joy and happiness to our lives here on earth and ultimately in his eternal kingdom where we can live with him for eternity.