Reflection for the Fifth Sunday of Lent…March 21, 2021

By Sr Rosalee Burke ND

As we get closer to Easter our readings say more about the suffering and death of Jesus and the relationship of this to us.

The first reading says that God will place his law within us, writing it on our hearts.

The second reading says that Jesus learned obedience from his suffering during his life.

The gospel goes on to say that it is in serving God that we are saved.

If we listen with our hearts we can learn God’s law and how God is inviting us to serve Him.

Who in our life is in need of physical help, or maybe a little positive joy, or maybe someone to listen to them?

As we suffer, with whom do we connect? From what are they suffering? Can we improve the situation?

Just letting someone know that we are with them can mean so much. We cannot right all wrongs but we can “be with.

God, help us to see who we can “be with.”