Reflection for the Fifth Week in Lent – April 3, 2022

By Kathryn Schinker, Notre Dame Associate

In this fifth week of Lent, the readings speak about light.  And it seems fitting to me as we approach a great light in Christ’s Resurrection from the dead.  This week’s readings confirm that Jesus is the light of the world!  Light represents good news, a welcome beginning, and with the coming of Jesus, good news for the world.

We are very dependent on light for our mere existence in the world.  We take it for granted and I rarely, if ever, think or wonder what would happen if it would ever disappear.  We all do have our dark days and nights and our trust in God’s love and mercy can bring the light back to us.  May our prayers and Lenten sacrifices make the glory and light of Easter shine brightly for the world.