Reflection for the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time …January 17, 2021

By Rod & Connie Determan, Notre Dame Associates

The reading this Sunday discusses building up the Church as the Body of Christ.  In the first reading Samuel is called by God to become a leader in the Church.  In the second reading Saint Paul explains to the Corinthians that being part of the Body of Christ means you are a temple for the Holy Spirit.  In the Gospel Reading, John pointed out Jesus to two of John’s disciples.  The disciples were so taken by Jesus that they started to follow him down the street.  Jesus, who was starting to gather a group of disciples, did not say come follow me I will give you everlasting life or follow me for I am the gateway to heaven.  He simply asked the question “What are you looking for?”  In their hearts they knew they had found what they were looking for, the Messiah.

We love the story, but we cannot get past the question.  Personally, this past year has been a time of great transitions.  We have seen changes in how we do our jobs, how we interact with other people, and how we see ourselves moving forward.  We see changes in the world, in our country, and our cities.  And through it all we hear the same nagging question “What are you looking for?”  Have the recent past events shaken our old norms to a point where it is time to reshape new norms going forward?  As we move forward when we meet the Messiah on the street will we shake his hand or tip our hats and turn back to the struggle of finding our old life again?  Or will we answer the question of “What are you looking for?” by going home with him and staying with him forever?