Reflection for the Second Sunday of Advent – Dec 5, 2021

By Ann O’Connor, Notre Dame Associate

Prepare the way

The gospel reading (Luke 3: 1-6) centers around John the Baptist preaching repentance.

John’s message tells us what to do to get ready for Jesus’ coming. We are to “prepare the way” by examining ourselves on a regular basis to see where our relationship with God and others stands. We may need to repent, to “clear away” any impediments that keep us from God’s grace. We are always invited to open ourselves to further change, to an ever-deeper change of heart, to a deeper listening to what Jesus is asking of us.

The reading also tells us why we should prepare our hearts for Jesus. We are reminded that we need God’s grace. Jesus is the one to do this. He always wants to bring us closer to God, but He won’t force his way in. Instead, we need to ready ourselves to welcome Him.

How are we “preparing the way in this Advent season” as well as all year long?