April 19, 2020: Reflection for the Second Sunday of Easter… April 19, 2020

By Sr Rosalee Burke ND

Creator God, You are trying us!  It has been a long time since we have been able to attend Mass and receive you in the Eucharist.  Television and radio Masses are helpful for us but not the same as being present.

There is a loneliness without you.  Something is missing.  When we watch Mass on TV and see all the empty pews it makes us sad.  We know that many people are watching their own television sets but it is not the same.

Please give us patience and an appreciation for your presence among us.  Help us to assist others as we can.  The whole world is experiencing a loss—a loss of freedom.  Help us to be open to new ways of being friendly.  Keep us calm as we continue to try to be loyal worshipers.