Reflection for the Seventh Sunday of Easter

by Cathy & Gary Leak

Readings:   Acts 1: 12-14      Ps 27: 1,4,7-8     1 Pt: 4:13-16     Jn 17: 1-11

Today’s readings have four related themes of prayer, trusting in God, suffering, and glorifying God. In the first reading, the Apostles are gathered in the upper room praying. The Psalm promotes trusting in God. The second reading reminds us that people fear suffering as only punishment.  Some suffering is just, the sufferings of the criminal are the consequences of their evil acts.  Christians must avoid these evil acts but be honored if we experience suffering from our fidelity to the Lord, following Jesus through the cross.  Finally, in the Gospel giving glory to Jesus is giving glory to the Lord. They are the same.

How have you glorified God today in your prayer? In your trusting God?

How have your works and sufferings glorified God?

Have we spread the “Good News” of God’s glory to others?