June 30, 2019: Reflection for the Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

by Sr Joy Connealy ND

The readings this Sunday remind me to be open to invitations. God calls us continually to discipleship and always allows us the freedom to respond.

I think about some of the invitations I’ve received in my life – both big and small. I’ve not always been courageous enough to respond. When I let fear or my inability to trust get in the way, I miss out on the gifts being offered. I think we can all be a little like the disciple who says “let me take care of this one thing first.” We will never get it perfect and Jesus doesn’t expect that of us. We are called to trust that if there is an invitation we will be given what we need to not only respond, but to be the presence of God to those around us. If we accept Jesus’ invitation to discipleship, we are gifted with the Spirit – a spirit of courage, openness, love and truth.

This week I want to be open to the invitations to: take in the beauty of creation and work to protect our environment; to see the good in everyone, even those who disturb me; to heal a relationship and trust that God is at work moving us all toward love, and to invite others to hear God’s call in their lives.

“Follow me” comes in all kinds of ways each day – will we respond and be God’s presence and peace?