Reflection for the Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time – Nov. 14, 2021

By Ed McKibbin, Notre Dame Associate

November has always been one of my favorite months.  However, I recognize that others have a very different opinion as the days grow shorter with the amount of sunlight decreasing, temperatures dropping, and the beautiful leaves gradually all fall away leaving the trees barren.  We start the month remembering all of the saints, and then the souls of those who have touched our lives and gone before us.  We end a church year, and then begin a new year with the celebration of Christ our King.  Advent begins and this brings us hope in a time leading into darkness and cold.

Our readings this Sunday follow this same theme.  The readings begin with images of darkness and peril of the end coming, like the end of the church calendar year, but then leave us with hope that Christ our King is coming to save us.  His word is eternal.

Like the month of November that signals the coming of winter, and we recall those who have passed, we are comforted with the thoughts of winter eventually turning into spring, and our loved ones gaining eternal life in heaven.  As the readings tell us, in life we are going to experience things coming to an end.  However, Christ will deliver us into hope and new life.  He is our true source of happiness and light when things become dark, provided we place our hope and trust in him to deliver us into the light and happiness of eternal life where there will be no more despair.