August 25, 2019: Reflection for the Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time

by Cathy Leak, Notre Dame Associate and husband, Gary Leak

Isaiah 66:18-21; Psalm 117:1-2
Hebrews 12:5-7,11-13; Luke 13:22-30

The readings today really mesh well together. In the first reading The Lord wants all nations to know Him and proclaim His glory.  The Psalms response is to spread the “good news”. The second reading and the Gospel talk about our trials and tribulations and the narrow gate into the kingdom.

So, what can we learn from these passages?

We need to accept the trials and tribulations of life as discipline from God. We usually look upon these trials as painful experiences, but in the long run the trials make us stronger and strengthen us as we strive to enter the kingdom through the narrow gate. God is going to test us because the path is tough. The Lord expects us to use our gifts and talents to spread the good news to those we encounter.  As the world becomes more international, we can find the various nations the Lord is calling, living in our own city, neighborhood, and even in our family. The Lord is asking us to be more respectful, accepting, and loving because we all are invited to be at His table in the kingdom.

Dear Lord,
Help us to be more accepting of all people.
Help us to seek understanding from others and spread the good news to those we encounter. Amen