Reflection for the Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time – September 5, 2021

By Cindy Wenninghoff, Notre Dame Associate

This Sunday’s readings begin with Isaiah reassuring all whose hearts are frightened to fear not, and take comfort in our God as he is wonderful and all powerful.  And I believe that this reading is just as applicable today as it was in Isaiah’s time.

In today’s world there are so many things that can cause our hearts to fear – violence, homelessness, loneliness, not having a job, COVID, fires, flooding, hurricanes, etc.  And for those who don’t believe in God, it could seem to be very hopeless.  But we of faith, have heard God’s call and we know that His love and justice will prevail.

And in the second reading it emphasizes the need to be kind to everyone and not show favoritism to the rich, for worldly things don’t matter.  It is the love we share with one another that will bring us closer to God.  We must not limit our love to just our family and friends, but must reach out to others too for it is often the poor and downtrodden who have been chosen by God and who may need our kindness.

The gospel manifests all of this Hope through Jesus and his miracles – the blind will see, the lame shall walk, the mute will speak, the hungry will be fed, all the oppressed will have justice.  So, as we make our way in the world today it is with hope – as we know God is with us, and He will love and protect us.