Reflection for Third Sunday of Easter, April 23, 2023

by Sr Marie Alice Ostry ND

The Scriptures of these past two weeks have invited us to “recognize” the Risen Christ as the Apostles and disciples did– in their day to day living.  I am struck by the part that when Christ appears to those who were close to him for over three years they did not recognize him.  In each instance it was not until Christ was with them for a while, either sharing, spending time, eating that they were challenged to “really” open their eyes.

This is the heart of today’s Gospel as the disciples on the way to Emmaus share with Christ about the events of the past week.  They see from their immediate experience. Yet when Christ shares the Scriptures with them the disciples “see” from an aspect of historical community.

This calls me to spend time with the Scriptures to REALLY SEE how I am being called to see Christ visible in the experience of the Scriptures.  Can it be in the everyday meeting of my co-worker, neighbor, or store clerk?  Is it in a discussion with a person who holds another view of society, justice, values?   How am I challenged by the daily Scriptures to bring Gospel values to our world?