January 27, 2019: Reflection of the 3rd Sunday in Ordinary time

by Theresa Homan, Notre Dame Associate

“Do not be saddened this day for rejoicing in the LORD must be your strength.”

The people were weeping as they heard Ezra read the word of God’s law. Maybe they were saddened at how poorly they were keeping the law, or maybe because it seemed too hard to keep. But Ezra told them where to find their strength — not in guilt or in fear but in rejoicing in the LORD.

Today it seems like fear, especially, is tearing our world apart. If we are all one body and what happens to each of us affects all of us, then how am I being called to help the poor, the captives, the blind and the oppressed? There are so many ways to bring glad tidings, give sight and set free.

What fears do I need to work at letting go of so that I can find my strength rejoicing in the LORD and answer that call?