Second Sunday of Advent

By Sr Cynthia Hruby ND             

Instruction: Comfort, give comfort to my people!  (Isaiah 40:1)

Warning:  Do not ignore this one fact, beloved. (2 Peter 3:8-14)

Message: Behold, I am sending my messenger ahead of you;

He will prepare your way. (Gospel MK 1:1-8)

Unprecedented!  That is the word of the year 2020. Every event that extended beyond norms or exceeded expectations was described as “unprecedented.” Then the news media messenger would continue with the details providing pictures, statistics, and usually eye witnesses. Homilists and Lectio Divina meditators will be pouring over Second Sunday of Advent readings to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying as we “prepare the way” for 2021.

In the first reading, the prophet Isaiah expresses the heart of God in instructions that so aptly fit our own day: “Comfort my people….. Speak tenderly….” The prophet says “service is at an end” and I pause. No, essential workers are tired, so are hurricane and fire first responders. They realize service to all in need does NOT seem to be at an end. We hear of the vaccine coming. We want to proclaim “GOOD NEWS! GLAD TIDINGS!” However, so many across the globe need comfort; more service is required. ACTION:  How will I/we give of “time, talent, treasure”?

Peter takes up the same fact and we should not ignore it:  “The Lord does not delay his promise” but “all should come to repentance.”  Our humble repentance can be the cause of “hastening the coming of the day….” Peter challenges us to consider what sort of person we want to become and to evaluate if we make “right choices.”  This is the task of individuals and for groups committed to living the Gospel. ACTION:  Take a few moments with yourself on this invitation; find time to reflect with a few others in your circle.

The Gospel passage from Mark is about John the Baptist as the messenger who prepared the way for Jesus. Since the Lord “does not delay his promise,” we can believe there is a messenger also being sent “ahead of” each one of us “to prepare the way prepare the way.” ACTION: Pause again and ask question about the recent hours, days, weeks:  Where did I experience a messenger ahead of me? Where can I proclaim that the path was prepared? There’s a story here!

Prayer from Responsorial Psalm     

PS 85:9-10-11-12, 13-14

Lord, let me see your kindness, and grant me your salvation.

Guide our use of “time, talent, treasure” during this coming week.
Holy Spirit, be the messenger going before me.

Whisper to my heart and mind here I can “make straight His path.”