February 27, 2020: Daily reflections for the first week of Lent

Ash Wednesday

Gospel: Mt:6:1-6, 16-18
In today’s Gospel, there are many ways that God wants us to live. We give without acknowledgement; we pray in silence; we fast as Jesus did in the desert. What more can we do this Lent to be more Jesus-like?​

~Associate Barb Hickey

First Thursday of Lent

Deut.: 30:19
How will I choose life today by loving God as I meet others?
​~ Sr Rita Ostry, ND

First Friday of Lent

​1st Reading: Isaiah: 58:1-9

This rather, is the fasting that I wish:
~Releasing those bound unjustly
~Setting free the oppressed…

  • Can I fast from bias and negative thoughts, which hold others apart from me?
  • Or can I fast from seeing others as “different than me” rather than as “my sisters and brothers?

~ Sr. Marie Alice Ostry, ND

First Saturday of Lent

​Gospel: Luke 5:27-32
“Jesus said, Follow Me.”  And leaving everything behind (Levi) got up and followed him.”

What is Jesus asking me to leave behind this Lent?
Am I stuck in regrets, old painful hurts, negativity or to what am I resistive?

~ Sr. Rita Ostry, ND