The Humor of our Mother Qualberta

March was the 83rd anniversary of Mother Qualberta Krivanec’s death. Let us reflect on some of Mother’s outstanding qualities. We published one of her qualities in a blog each week. Click here for previous blogs.


Mother had a SENSE OF HUMOR. During the cold winter mornings when the candidates said their prayers, they placed their feet in the oven of the cook stove and their hands over the tea kettle to keep warm. One candidate put her shoes in the oven, but forgot to retrieve them. Mother found them, removed and hid them, but returned them at Christmas with an original humorous poem pinned to the wrapping. 

Another example of HUMOR occurred when the candidates asked Mother why one candidate was packing her clothes. Mother explained, “The girl was a little too holy for us. She had angels sitting on the four corner posts of her bed and singing to her at night. I know that most of you have a devil sitting around all the sides. I think we can work with you!”